We create personal equestrian products

Picture of Lisa Jalmander at Exclusive Horsewear
Exclusive Horse Wear was founded in 2001 outside Gothenburg with the vision that all equestrian sports lovers will have access to products that are practical, high quality, stylish and affordable.

We want to give all riders, horse, and dog owners the opportunity to design their own horse or dog rugs, box curtain, saddle pad etc., and you’ll get to choose the fabric, colour, and embroidery yourself, to create your own personal product. If you want to add or remove anything, have an extra-large or extra small size, more clasps, extra girths, or an unusual colour, it will be possible – we try to meet the customer’s needs always. Choice, humility, and the customer at the centre are our keywords.

Other key words for us are high quality and high ambitions. We want to manufacture products in the finest materials we can find on the market, it should be good and feel fine and a bit luxury to use our products.

We have high ambitions and always want to get a little better, improve our routines, our manufacturing, our products, etc. We want to work with riders, clubs, and companies with the same ambitions. We aim to be in the Swedish championship class, be in national contexts and then also internationally – it is there we want to be.

Exclusive Horse Wear wants to support and be involved in developing the Swedish equestrian sports in many ways, e.g. by sponsoring and collaborating with various riders, associations, competition clubs and companies. We cooperate with and want to start new business relationships with various companies and people in the equestrian sports industry, to develop our existing products, but also to develop new equestrian products that the market needs and wants.

After 16 very fun and successful years with a lot of products sold to all corners of the world, we now have production in Estonia and with fabrics and accessories from mainly Swedish suppliers. Our headquarters and base with sales and marketing are in southern Sweden, just outside Kalmar.

We want to continue to be innovative, responsive, and driving on the market and hope to continue offering even more unique equestrian products for many years to come.

A very warm welcome to us,

Lisa Jalmander

MD, Exclusive Horsewear Svenska AB